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Resource Management and Asset Tracking Solution for Businesses

Features & Benefits

  • Real-time tracking of assets down to team member or location.
  • Customizable solution with optional RTLS technology.
  • View and reserve rooms and equipment from any device, incl. PCs and smart phones.
  • Always know who is using or is assigned to what.
  • Easy-to-use Resource Wizard guides you through the steps of setting up events, selecting contacts, and allocating resources.


David Sherrard

American Packaging Corporation

Savance instilled a confidence that programming could be done in a timely manner to meet our unique needs.

Jerry Tibor

University of Alaska Anchorage

One of the best features has been the support. They are extremely knowledgeable, are always right on top of our requests, and are great about responding in a very timely manner. It is one of the few tech support experiences I don't dread.

Savance EIOBoard
Resource Management

Savance EIOBoard Resource Management is a scheduling and tracking system designed to allocate the use of all your company resources. The application can be used for allocating equipment and staff, for scheduling meetings and events, or even for tracking a piece of equipment down to room or staff member in real-time (with optional RTLS technology).

EIOBoard Resource Management Wizard Screenshot

Inefficiency when it comes to asset tracking and resource management is not only an inconvenience for you and your coworkers, but also results in an overall decrease in productivity.

EIOBoard Resource Management simplifies the task of accounting for and allocating equipment and other resources by giving you a quick overview of each item’s status at any time, resulting in a more organized and efficient workplace. You will know:

  • Who is using or is assigned to what
  • What is available
  • Where a piece of equipment is being held
  • What can be used for projects and meetings

How Does It Work?

EIOBoard Resource Management helps you track, organize, and manage company resources, meetings and events, and people. Get a quick overview of available resources, book conference rooms, allocate the necessary equipment, notify meeting attendees, or even track a piece of equipment down to room or current user. All this can be done from your desk, thanks to EIOBoard's easy-to-use Resource Manager software and step-by-step Resource Wizard.

RTLS/RFID Asset Tracking for Businesses
Optional RTLS Tracking Technology

With optional RTLS technology, you can take asset tracking to another level, allowing you to locate an asset - whether it is a laptop, a projector, or any other device - with pinpoint accuracy. Using RTLS technology, you can view the location in real-time on a large screen display, a PC, or a mobile device. Easily sort information based on equipment type, department, date, and more.

Conference Room Scheduling
View Room Schedules

Companies often have several rooms for meetings and conferences, and sometimes trying to find one is time consuming. Wouldn't it be nice if you could quickly see what room are taken for the week? Or what meetings are in what room? With EIOBoard's Resource Management, you have all the information right at your desk in an easy to view screen. No more confusion on what rooms are spoken for, allowing for a more organized workplace.

Set Up Meetings

Setting up a meeting usually involves several steps, not just scheduling the conference room and checking out a projector. In fact, you'll also need to find out if everyone who needs to be there is available. Plus, everyone involved needs to be informed of their role, and how to prepare. The EIOBoard Resource Management Solution can do all these tasks, all in one application.

Reserve Equipment
Easily Find & Reserve Equipment

For equipment, instead of calling around to see if anyone is using a particular laptop, projector, or handheld scanner, you can simply pull up the EIOBoard Resource Manager to reserve the items you need. The EIOBoard Resource Manager saves time, eliminating the need for one person to take responsibility for the whereabouts of the company's equipment.

Easy-to-Use Resource Wizard

An easy-to-use Resource Wizard will guide you through the process of seeing up events, selecting contacts, and allocating resources, in a straightforward step-by-step process. Just point and click and everything you need for your meeting is all set up:

  1. Enter event name and description
  2. Choose date and time
  3. Select resources
  4. Add people attending event

The final step shows the availability of your resources and attendees, all in one screen, avoiding clicks back and forth to reschedule. It's as simple as that.

If you are using additional EIOBoard solutions, such as Staff Tracking, you can also schedule a Future Status change for all attendees to take place at the time of the event.

Next Steps

Savance EIOBoard Resource integrates seamlessly with all other EIOBoard solutions, including Meeting Room Display, our digital signage system. When it comes to tracking resources, our clients are often also interested in an Electronic Whiteboard/Large Screen Display solution, which is fully customizable. Whether you are interested in several solutions or just one, Savance will put together a software/hardware package customized to your exact needs. Contact us today to find out more about EIOBoard Resource Management, or to sign up for a free web demo!

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