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EIOBoard Case Study: Glengary Elementary School

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Key Benefits

  • Centrally managed visitors and staff.
  • Improved internal communications.
  • Complete reporting and audit trail data.
  • Better safety procedures and protocols.

Brief Overview

Location: Walled Lake, Michigan

Students: 450+

Customer Since: November, 2013


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Elementary School Improves Visitor Flow & Staff Management

- A Savance EIOBoard Client Case Study

EIOBoard granted administrators and local families peace of mind knowing that children and staff were both working in a safe and healthy environment.

Located in Walled Lake, Michigan, Glengary Elementary has a gleaming reputation for providing 450 K-6 students with a healthy environment to learn and grow. As such, it has been recognized by the US Department of Education as one of America's "Blue Ribbon" schools. Considering this distinctive honor, it's not surprising that the school's administration wanted to take strides to uphold Glengary's reputation as a safe, local school for area children.

Although Glengary had no problem giving its students the best in the classroom, the school was not efficiently and effectively managing, and tracking, the daily stream of visitors entering school grounds. School administrators, relying on paper and pencil for visitor check-ins, realized that the old way wasn't working. Glengary needed a better way to manage and track who was coming through the doors.

The Solution
Because Savance calls this area of Michigan our home, we were eager to help one of our community schools build a safer, more functional educational environment for both students and staff. Our solution was to provide the school with our specialized EIOBoard software and hardware. This technology can provide for any school what it did for Glengary Elementary: the ability to simply and efficiently track the flow of visitors in and out of the school at all times. Both software and hardware are easy to use and can be customized to suit the needs of any school, regardless of IT infrastructure.

Customizable Visitor Check-In Touch Screen Kiosk

For Glengary Elementary School, EIOBoard Visitor Management provided school administrators a convenient way to track, capture, and report the statistics of its visitors. The intuitive, easy to use solution was a breeze to install and configure, requiring just minutes to set up. Savance helped throughout this process. Glengary Elementary visitors are now able to use the EIOBoard Sign-In Kiosks to safely and securely enter and exit school grounds as they needed.

One of the benefits of the visitor management solution is that it sped up and automated visitor check-in for Glengary Elementary. A visitor simply types a few characters of their name, selects a purpose for the visit, selects a teacher, and grabs their name tag. Compare that to hand-writing all those details, then doing the same on a written name tag. By cutting visitor check-in time by more than 10x, Glengary Elementary was able to reduce bottlenecks as well as show taxpayers that they really care about their time and their kids' safety.

Glengary Elementary Students

The system customized for Glengary also has a staff proximity badge reader connected, allowing the kiosk to dual-purpose as a quick check-in and check-out for staff. This way, Glengary staff will be able to always know who is at lunch, who is out for the day, and who is in the building. All of the staff, visitor, and potentially also student whereabouts data can feed into EIOBoard's emergency management solution, as well as function as a attendance tracking system for students, offering a potentially life-saving solution, while giving parents and staff complete visibility of student attendance. The EIOBoard solution has granted school administrators and local families peace of mind knowing that children and staff were both working in a safe and healthy environment.